rose + pink pepper candle


Slow down, take a step back and restore balance in your life. Light our scented candles to create an ambient atmosphere and allow the quiet to envelop your mind. Transport yourself to a garden in full bloom with our elegant Rose + Pink Pepper fragrance.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Plum, Damson, Blackcurrant
Middle Notes: Rose, Geranium, Lily, Carnation
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber

Our scented candles are made in Scotland and hand-poured into our apothecary style amber jars. Each jar comes with an aluminium gold lid which keeps your candle free of dust and smelling beautiful. We use a unique and sustainable blend of rapeseed-coconut wax, cotton and linen natural wicks and premium paraben-free fragrances, all of which create a powerful and clean burning candle at every light.

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