The great power of candles

I always have one (if not many) burning around my house. Although, after exploring the aromatherapy benefits of candles, I was so surprised to find out that candles can do way more for us, than just smelling beautiful and making our homes look cosy. Here are just some of the way’s candles can benefit you:


Aids relaxation...

In a world where everything is so fast paced, we live very busy lifestyles and are often exposed to more daily stressors than we would like to be. We never have time to focus on ourselves, have those dedicated nights of self-care (I’m guilty of this too!) but through thekindredfolk, we want to encourage the act of slowing down by looking for small ways you can transform your daily routines into mindful moments. Candles are a perfect and easy way to alleviate stress and create a moment of calm. Why? Because even the simple act of lighting a candle can help you to achieve a meditative state. Lighted candles help to illuminate our hearts and release relaxing aromas that help us to feel at peace. Next time you are practicing yoga, reading your book or having a moment to yourself, start by lighting your candle and allow the quiet to envelop your mind.

Our favourite candle to aid relaxation would be our Herbal Lavender candle.


Transforms your space...

The lines between your home, your office and your freedom have been massively blurred due to the impact of lockdown. However, as life has become more repetitive, it’s never been more important to freshen up your environment. The power of scent can enable you to escape and transform your space in ways you couldn’t imagine. As we are moving into Spring, you may be thinking about doing a Spring Clean, but have you thought that our senses could also benefit from a spring clean? Think about how you want to feel in a space and use the power of scent to create that mood. For those of us who are working at home, choosing a fragrance that is energising, invigorating can boost your productivity and enable you to become more focused in your work environment.

Our perfect candle for transforming your space is our Lemongrass + Ginger candle.


Boosts your mood...

The power of scent is a magical thing. It can surprise you at any moment and without warning, you are transported to another place and engulfed by the memories of your past. Our sense of smell has the power to evoke certain emotions and take us to places you might have even forgotten about. Research has shown that scent is our most powerful link to memory and through this, it holds the ability to positively change our mood. For instance, floral fragrances such as roses, pomegranate or jasmine are renowned for making you feel happier and more relaxed.

Our fragrance pick for boosting your mood is our Black Pomegranate candle.


Winding down...

Winding down after a long day at work is my favourite part of the day. For me, winding down involves creating the right atmosphere and ambience, and lighting my candle plays a very important role in this. The important thing is to let however you enjoy winding down to become your ritual. Easing into the evening with an indulgent fragrance makes winding down all that bit easier.  

Our top fragrance to wind down would be with our Dark Honey + Tobacco candle.